Project Dog sport website and portal

Client North America Diving Dogs
Role Lead Front-end Developer & UI Designer
Dog sport website and portal illustrative graphic

Whiteboarding Session with Client

In our first meeting with our client to learn about how their events worked, I whiteboarded our conversations and mapped the organization's process for creating, managing, and closing events. We approached the discussion from the perspective of the organization's leaders, the event organizers, and the attendees. The excerpt below is a sample from our conversations about event goer's experience and "user" flow, followed by notes summarizing those findings.

Closed Card Sorting

I met with the IT manager and lead software developer and used a card sorting activity to guide our reorganization of the client's website and portal. Our challenges included reconciling two separate systems into one unified site, and organizing content based on relevance to three types of users. Different-colored stickies denoted the location of the page currently (content management platform, third party suite, or portal).