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As with all of the web, this site is written in HTML and CSS. Styles aided by the lovely CSS preprocessor Sass, enabling me to create a custom css framework. HTML built with Nunjuck for the templating engine (because hard coding anything is a drag!).

Helpful scripting tools from jQuery. Workflow pipeline built with Gulp.


Unhappy with Raleway's normal font weight at sign, I substituted it with an svg created by Milinda Courey over at The Noun Project.

Images and graphics pertaining to particular projects are owned by their respective Clients.

All images and graphics besides those listed explicitly above are owned by Caitlin Teague Doerr.


This site is set in Roboto Condensed by Christian Robertson and Raleway by Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari, Rodrigo Fuenzalida, and Igino Marini.